VIDEO => ANTIFA BEATS HEADS At Kate Steinle Memorial March in Portland

Portland, Oregon based Patriot Prayer attempted to hold a rally and march in honor of Kate Steinle on Saturday.

And of course Antifa Communists just had to show up to cause trouble.

Patriot Prayer is led by Joey Gibson, and generally regarded as the area’s main collection of Trump supporters. Two brawls break out and antifa basically get their butts handed to them as they try to pick fights.


Note the guy in the blue Navy hoodie, single handedly taking on about 8 antifa agitators. Also note the police rush in to break it up after about 30 seconds, when it’s clear the Trump people are winning.

Controversial Portland Police Sergeant Chadd Stensgaard can be seen berating the man known as “Tiny”, the giant pro Trump Samoan dude. Something about “stay on your side of the street,” as Tiny tries to wash pepper spray out of his eyes. Tiny was subsequently arrested for this, booked on Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, and Assault IV charges. He was the only one arrested. So, in the People’s Republic Of Portland, it’s perfectly alright for the violent antifa to come over onto the supposedly designated Trump side of the street and start fights, but a Trump supporter can’t go over to the supposedly “antifa” side of the street.

You can see well known communist agitator Luis Marquez berating Joey Gibson and Portland Police.  It’s evident that the Portland Police were there to protect Marquez and his band of masked commies.

Big city police prove, once again, that there are two sets of laws; One set of laws that allow the communists to get away with whatever they want to do, and another set of laws that non communists get arrested on, even though their actions are equal to, if not less criminal-ish, than what the communists are doing. At some point, the “right wing” folks in big cities will come to realize that the police are not there to protect the public or to protect anyone’s rights. They are there to collect a paycheck, the paycheck comes from the city, and the city, run by extreme leftists, tells them to protect the communists and arrest anyone who stands up against the leftist violence.

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