UConn Vows to Crack Down on Conservative Speakers after Lucian Wintrich Is ATTACKED by Violent Leftists

On Monday charges were dropped against TGP’s Lucian Wintrich in Connecticut.
The far left college adviser who stole his material was booked this weekend.

Far left protesters shut down LUCIAN WINTRICH’S SPEECH in November at UConn.

The far left student activists were screaming throughout his talk.

They started chanting, “Go home Nazis!”
They screamed and called him a racist.


A Communist college adviser identified as Catherine “Katie” Gregory, who is listed as Associate Director of Career Services and Advising at Quinebaug Valley Community College stole his material from the podium the night of Lucian’s speech.

Katie Gregory was arrested this weekend.
We found out about her arrest on Monday morning before Lucian’s court appearance.

On Monday morning charges were dropped against Lucian Wintrich.

After charges were dropped against Lucian Wintrich today UConn announced it would crack down on conservative speakers on campus… Because the leftists get violent.

FOX News reported:

Since the College Republicans’ “It’s OK To Be White” event that attracted more than 100 protesters, UConn has implemented a stricter vetting process for speaking engagements that could pose a safety risk.

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