UCONN ANTIFA ADMITS: Smoke Bombs Thrown Served As ‘Police Distraction’ To Liberate Fellow Terrorists, Attack Wintrich

In a still up blog post on the communication portal for the domestic terrorist organization “ANTIFA”, a report was just published by someone the blog claims “comes from someone who was on the ground at the University of Connecticut, where students and community members confronted Alt-Lite troll and conspiracy theorist Lucian Wintrich.”

In the damning report, the writer directly admits the motive behind one of their terroristic actions – throwing smoke bombs into the lecture hall – was to disorient police, giving the demonstrators time to “de-arrest” others while gaining access to Wintrich.

A window was smashed. Then another. Tension between the people and the pigs reached a fever pitch when one cop began yelling at a student of color who had been standing directly in front of one of the glass doors. The pigs opened the door and grabbed the young person, pulling them into the lobby.

[…] a smoke bomb was tossed into the lobby, causing the glass-paned room to fill with smoke and the fire alarms to sound. This was likely done to force the pigs to evacuate the coward, so he’d have to face the crowd head-on, as well as to provide a diversion to aid in the de-arrest. Wintrich and his pig protectors remained inside the bathroom, and the crowd held its position as the pigs tried to flush out the smoke (they picked up the smoke bomb and threw it out one of the rear exits).

These admissions, if the perpetrators were caught and convicted, would have resulted in no less than 25 years in prison time.


Far left protester screams at Lucian Wintrich at UConn.

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