Twitter Labels President Trump as Top Nazi and Racist in Search Results

Twitter has set its search algorithms so that searching the words ‘Nazi’ or ‘racist’ brings up President Donald Trump as the top ‘People’ account result.

The finding was tweeted Monday night by journalist Ian Miles Cheong and confirmed by The Gateway Pundit.

Screen images via Ian Miles Cheong.


Trump is also the top ‘People’ result for the overall ‘Top’ search function on Twitter for ‘Nazi’ and racist’.

Trump’s account was suspended for eleven minutes November 2nd under suspicious circumstances.

A temporary foreign contract worker claimed to be the one who took down Trump’s Twitter account.

Last Saturday President Trump posted a video tribute to Rosa Parks on the 62nd anniversary of her historic bus ride.

In 1986, Trump stood with fellow honorees Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Joe Dimaggio, Anita Bryant and Victor Borge at the Ellis Island Medals of Honor ceremony.

The photo of Trump with Parks was confirmed as authentic by Snopes.

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