Tom Fitton Unleashes on Mueller and Deep State For Targeting General Flynn “SHUT IT DOWN”

As previously reported General Michael Flynn will plead guilty to lying to the FBI deep state operatives in the ongoing Trump witch hunt today.

Once again — this verdict has NOTHING TO DO with Trump-Russia collusion.
It’s just a way for the Democrat media and Deep State to erase an election and eliminate Donald Trump.

Flynn’s conversations to the Russian ambassador were not a crime.
Not disclosing this information to the corrupt FBI was his crime.

On Friday ABC News reported that General Michael Flynn will testify against President Donald Trump in the Russian collusion scandal.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton blasted Mueller and the Deep State operatives targeting Trump’s camp simply for the crime of Donald Trump winning the Presidential election.

“Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe, and James Comey improperly targeted General Flynn. And Mueller got him. Deep State victory. should consider a pardon. The Mueller special counsel continues to be unconstitutional and out of control. Shut it down,” Fitton tweeted.

Tom Fitton also tweeted, “Mortgage fraud, Turkey, lying to Yates-Comey FBI about legal post-election Russia contacts? Still waiting for Mr. Mueller to tell us about what he was hired to do–investigate any alleged collusion with the Russians to rig election. Out of control. Shut it down.”

Once again, Mueller has proven that ‘Russian collusion’ is not a crime.

General Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI.

Campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos was charged with lying to the FBI.

Paul Manafort was charged with failing to file FARA paperwork.


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