Teen Sexual Assault Victim Lambastes Liberal Doug Jones For ‘Hypocrisy’ For Position on Moore Accusers

A woman who sued her University (UAB) back in 2001 for sexual abuse she reportedly suffered as a 15-year-old teenager is calling out liberal Doug Jones for his hypocrisy for his position on Roy Moore accusers.

Liberal cretin Doug Jones, who is running against Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate seat questioned the timing and motivation of her accusations while defending employees of the University of Alabama at Birmingham in a $40 million lawsuit, AL.com reported.

AL.com reports:

A woman who sued her university in 2001 over sexual abuse she allegedly suffered as a 15-year-old said Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones questioned the timing and motivation of her accusations while defending employees of the University of Alabama at Birmingham in a $40 million lawsuit.

Brittany Benefield said she has been thinking about the case a lot in recent days as allegations surfaced that Jones’ opponent, Roy Moore, engaged in inappropriate relationships with teen girls during his early 30s. Jones has said he finds Moore’s accusers credible.

“I find it to be the height of hypocrisy that he sets his campaign to be on the moral high ground against Roy Moore,” said Benefield.

In public statements about the case, in his role defending university officials, Jones cast doubt on her claim that the university officials were responsible.

“The charges against UAB administrators and coaches are entirely without merit and represent nothing more than a cynical attempt to extort money by slandering this institution and its employees,” Jones said at the time.

Benefield’s lawyer John Whitaker stated Doug Jones did nothing inappropriate. He was merely doing his job by vigorously defending his client.

Lawyers gonna lawyer.

Benefield, a registered Democrat, said, “He was not a victim’s advocate. He was all for blaming the victim, honestly.”

Brittany Benefield was the youngest person ever admitted to an Alabama university.

AL.com also reported on the backstory:

UAB in 2001 hired Jones to defend a football coach and the university police chief against allegations they didn’t protect Benefield from older athletes who sexually exploited her and exposed her to drugs and alcohol. One campus officer was also alleged to have had sex with the student.

The parties settled the case three years later; he case is sealed.

Isn’t it strange how liberals change their stance on women’s rights and protecting women when it suits them. As a lawyer, Doug Jones questioned a teen girl’s motives when she accused men of sexual abuse. As a Senate candidate, he immediately believes the women accusing his opponent of sexual assault even though they have no evidence.

Roy Moore spent over 40 years in public service yet none of these skeletons ever surfaced through oppo research? The timing, coupled with lack of evidence of Roy Moore sexually assaulting women is causing many to believe the accusations are nothing more than a Democrat/RINO hit job.

Doug Jones is a liberal hypocrite (redundant, we know).


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