SUV Plows Into Christmas Shoppers in Melbourne, Australia; Over Dozen Injured, Driver and Passenger Arrested

A white SUV was driven into Christmas shoppers outside Flinders Street Station in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, Thursday afternoon local time, injuring over a dozen people including a child. The driver and passenger were reportedly arrested at the scene. No details have been reported about the identities of those arrested , however police are now saying it appears to be ‘deliberate’ and have not ruled out terrorism.

Another view of passenger being dragged by police:

Screen image via Twitter.


Local media reports eyewitnesses saying the driver sped through a red light hitting people, gunned the engine and targeted more pedestrians before crashing into a bollard protecting a tram line.

Video shows the moments after the SUV stopped.

Video report with details of incident:

Overhead photo of the scene:

Overhead video of the scene:

Photo of the injured being tended to:

Photos of alleged driver and passenger:

Police update with video of passenger. Police say it appears this was ‘deliberate’.

Updates to follow.

UPDATE: Australia police are awaiting a psyche evaluation before questioning the suspect, an Australian of Afghani descent with a history if mental issues and a minor criminal background.

Details here.

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