‘SUPER EMBARRASSING’: BuzzFeed Reporter Shocked That Lefty Academics, Media Historians Share More Fake News Than Trump Supporters

When your allies in the media and academia turn out to be more gullible than you imagine Trump supporters are, well, as the BuzzFeed reporter writes in all caps, it is “SUPER EMBARRASSING”.

Anne Helen Petersen‏, who covers ‘culture and The West for @BuzzfeedNews‘ wrote on Twitter Monday afternoon about how her Facebook timleine is filled with Lefty academics and media historians pushing fake news and fake quotes–more so than Trump supporters, “The people sharing the most Fake News in my FB feed aren’t Trump Voters. They’re lefty academics. WHICH IS SUPER EMBARRASSING.” “It’s even more embarrassing when they’re MEDIA HISTORIANS indulging in wholly unsubstantiated Mensch/Abramson Russia Fanfic”…”it’s been very dispiriting!”

Anti-Trump conspiracy theorist, attorney and University of New Hampshire professor Seth Abramson is a regular guest on CNN, screen image from October 31, 2017 appearance.

Anti-Trump conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch, screen image.




In response to a query, “Is it the Seth Abramson threads? It’s the Seth Abramson threads isn’t it? Ugh. EVERY DAY I have to chastise some egghead who ought to know better than to share that shit.,” Petersen replies, “That’s definitely part of it.”


Petersen explained her background as to where she is coming from, “I’m a former media studies professor, so it’s a mix of media studies, English, Humanities. The scientists I’m friends with don’t share this stuff.” “I’m also an ex-academic, which is why I have so many academics in my feed. And from Idaho, so it’s not like I don’t have Trump voters either.”



The Chronicle of Higher Education profiled Seth Abramson last May.

Seth Abramson wants you to know that he is not a conspiracy theorist.

He also wants you to know that President Trump and his advisers may have hatched, then covered up, a plot to encourage Russia’s U.S. election meddling and to profit from the mysterious sale of a Russian oil company in exchange for a promise to ease U.S. sanctions against Russia.

He wants you to note the “may” in that sentence.

Since November, Abramson — professor, experimental poet, onetime lawyer — has been building a case against Trump’s administration in the court of public opinion. His weapon of choice: serialized tweets, billed as “mega threads,” that purport to connect the dots on what he suspects is an illegal conspiracy that brought the administration to power, and which he hopes will be its downfall.

On any given day, Abramson, who teaches English at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester, might be one of the most widely read scholars in the country. His broadsides against the president have earned him a larger audience than most academics or poets could ever hope for: 116,000 Twitter followers, most of them in the past five months.

It has also put him in the crosshairs of critics who object to his prosecutorial style. They say he’s a self-righteous amateur who is encouraging paranoia in the guise of patriotism.

Abramson says he is not like those “self-investigators” who thought Democrats were running a child-sex ring out of a Washington pizzeria, or the Obama birthers and 9/11 truthers, or even the contemporary Trump-haters who cite fringe websites and dismiss their critics as Kremlin operatives. He prefers the term “curatorial journalist” and relies on media that still traffic in real news. To fill in the blanks, he applies his training as a lawyer and his English professor’s penchant for reading between the lines.

Trump’s angry, paranoid presidency has made for an extraordinary political moment. When the president no longer acts like a president, how should scholars act? Some, Abramson included, are trying to negotiate a fine line between hysteria and civic responsibility. These days, nobody seems to know where that line is.”

End excerpt, complete Chronicle article here.

How unhinged is Abramson? Twitchy captured a couple of his now deleted tweets going nuts over President Trump’s ‘covfefe’ tweet:

BREAKING: Trump now claims his “covfefe” tweet contained *no typos*. This is sociopathy. He must be impeached ASAP. https://t.co/flOJuhjgVI

— Seth Abramson (@SethAbramson) May 31, 2017

The president is unwell; he now says “covfefe” is SECRET CODE. Please retweet if you think this dangerous man must be IMPEACHED immediately. pic.twitter.com/h2yqM7EiE5

— Seth Abramson (@SethAbramson) May 31, 2017

Welcome to the party, Anne.

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