“That Would Be Stupid!”: Trey Gowdy Gets PISSED at FBI Director Over Trump-Hater Peter Strzok (VIDEO)

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is famous for brilliant legal background and expertise. The Republican lawmaker once again showcased his way with words in his opening statement during Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Gowdy went off on Wray over Trump-hater Peter Strzok’s role in the Clinton email investigation. Gowdy becomes visibly angry with Wray as he questions the FBI’s decision to allow Strozrk, clearly a partisan hack, to be involved in the probe.

Where Gowdy really become upset is when he begins questioning Comey’s decision to ‘clear,’ the former presidential candidate months before the investigation concluded.

“My first question to him is, what will you do to repair not only Congress’ trust, but the American people’s trust in that blindfolded woman holding a set of scales,” then asked Gowdy.


“I work with line agents, the line women back in South Carolina and other states,” began Gowdy.

“Their reputation is not in tatters. They’re the kind of people we want working in our Justice Department.”

However, the “higher ups have had a really bad two years,” he continued. “Right now the American people aren’t focused on the great agents in South Carolina. They’re focused on Comey and McCabe and now Wray.”

Following the exchange, Gowdy tweeted, “When all other institutions we trust — including Congress — appear to be broken, we want to be able to look to the FBI. I am counting on Director Wray to go back to work for the blindfolded woman holding a set of scales.”



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