“Shut The F*ck Up!”: Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorist Heckles Hillary Clinton At Philly Event (VIDEO)

Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Howard Caplan heckled Hillary Clinton as the failed presidential candidate promoted her book “What Happened,” at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia Thursday night. 

“Heckler was seated here… before being escorted from Hillary Clinton book tour event in Philly,” tweeted local TV reporter Pat Ciarrocchi.

“Philly and @HillaryClinton were having none of this asshole tonight,” tweeted Twitter user ‘Amy,’ who posted footage of the heckling.


@HillaryClinton put this deranged  heckler in his place tonight in Philly,” tweeted Law student Brad Paraszczak.

Philly Voice published the transcript to Clinton’s response to Caplan:

“Let me tell you: This is how deep the rot goes. You have people on the right who made up this horrible, terrible story that John Podesta and I were running a child sex-trafficking ring in the basement of a pizzeria in Washington, D.C.

“Now you laugh about it, or you moan about it, but a lot of people saw that, and some misguided souls actually believed it because they saw it on the internet or they saw one of these right-wing blowhards promoting it on their panels and their programs.

“So, there were demonstrations. I know people who bring their children to go to this pizzeria which is in a really nice commercial area in Washington, and it’s got ping pong. So, the kids play ping pong and eat pizza.

“There were guys showing up, they were protesting to end the child trafficking ring. But then one misguided young man in North Carolina, he thought he would go be a hero and rescue those children.

“So, he loaded up his AR-15, his automatic weapon, and up he drove from North Carolina to Washington, and he charged into that pizzeria – with his weapon – scaring the heck out of all of the people who work there, and the few customers that were there at the time. And he raged around there, finding out – of course – that the pizzeria had no basement.”

Later on, Caplan went live on Periscope to recap the incident.

“I’m not in cuffs. It’s called exercising your First Amendment right,” he said in a Periscope video he posted while walking away from the event while vaping and noting that he got questioned by Secret Service agents. Oh, I’m fine. I’m totally fine,” said Caplan.

“She heard me loud and clear,” added Caplan.

“The whole place heard me. Right now, I need a drink. F*ck, I can’t believe she didn’t talk about Pizzagate. That was my whole thing.

“If I knew she wasn’t going to do that, I’d have just brought up Seth Rich. She heard me. She addressed me. She was talking about Pizzagate on my way out. I really wanted to get it on video,” said Caplan.

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