From Seth Rich To Disappearing Off Twitter — A Timeline Of Julian Assange’s Wild And Crazy Week

Julian Assange had one crazy week. Well, 9 days to be exact. From Seth Rich to briefly disappearing off Twitter, The Gateway Pundit recounts all the bizarre things that happened to the WikiLeaks founder between December 17th and Christmas Day.

On December 17th, Assange detailed an “amazing plot by U.S. intelligence against the foundation which provides @WikiLeaks donors with tax deductibility in the EU.”

RT reports:

Julian Assange has exposed an apparent attempt by the US intelligence apparatus to undermine funding to WikiLeaks, using institutions he established for the express purpose of protecting potential donors from the authorities.

In a Twitter thread, posted Sunday, Assange alleges “politically induced financial censorship” that violates not only US donors’ First Amendment rights but also their right to freedom of association. “US donors are the majority of our donor base,” Assange wrote, as he nears the conclusion of what will be his eighth year of exile in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

In a series of tweets Assange said: ““We have discovered an amazing plot by U.S. intelligence against the foundation which provides @WikiLeaks donors with tax deductibility in the EU (Wau Holland Stiftung). It comes after our series on the CIA, . In press next week,” tweeted Assange on Sunday.”

“Strangely, at the same time in the US, the “Freedom of the Press” foundation (FPF) has told us it will shut down our US tax deductible gateway in January. US tax deductible contributions can be made for the rest of the month:”

“The FPF shutdown is richly ironic as the FPF was founded precisely in order to stop economic censorship against WikiLeaks. Here is my letter to the FPF (lots of previously secret history, check it out!):  (And FPF’s response: ).”

“Like our response to the first banking blockade @WikiLeaks will open up additional crypto-currencies. Those wanting to contribute to @WikiLeaks can already use  and the ultra-private , &,” added Assange.

“You can also purchase @WikiLeaks merchandise at  using a variety of methods including an extensive list of crypto-currencies,” concluded Assange.

Two days later, the office of WikiLeaks’ general counsel, Baltasar Garzón, was burglarized in what Madrid police say was a “very professional,” operation.


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