Sarah Huckabee Sanders Goes Scorched Earth on #FakeNews and Jim Acosta (VIDEO)

Fearless warrior Sarah Huckabee Sanders wasn’t having it with the liberals snakes in the press pool Monday morning and blasted the fake news media.

Sarah Sanders defended President Trump for calling out the fake news media. The liars in the mainstream media have gone into high gear in the last couple weeks rolling out huge ‘bombshell’ stories that turn out to be colossal lies. This is no accident.

Very fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta then comes in and claims real journalists make honest mistakes and that “doesn’t make them fake news”.

Sanders responded by saying if journalists make mistakes they should own up to them.

Jim Acosta tried to interrupt Sanders and she swiftly shut him down by saying, “I’m not finished”.

Acosta looked down and let Sanders run over him with the truth.

“There’s a big difference between making honest mistakes and purposely misleading the American people…something that happens regularly,” Sanders said.

Another liberal snake tried to interrupt Sanders again and she smacked them down saying, “I’m not done.”


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