REPORT: Pro-Trump Vince McMahon May Relaunch Football League As NFL Kneeling Backlash Continues

The NFL has been on the losing end of the culture war since players from around the league began kneeling during the National Anthem. Started by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the ill-placed form of protest has lead to failing stadium attendance, lackluster ratings and the scorn of the most powerful in the world — President Donald Trump. 

Like any good entrepreneur, WWE boss Vince McMahon may see an opportunity to capitalize on the credibility crisis plaguing the NFL.

CBS Sports reports:


There has been unsubstantiated talk about the XFL making a return for a short while now, but Brad Shepard reported late Friday night that WWE chairman Vince McMahon is so deep into considerations about reforming the league that there’s even a potential announcement date — Jan. 25, 2018. […]

In a statement shared with David Bixenspan of Deadspin, WWE clarified that it is not going back into the football business … but McMahon may well be doing just that on his own.

“Vince McMahon has established and is personally funding a separate entity from WWE, Alpha Entertainment, to explore investment opportunities across the sports and entertainment landscapes, including professional football. Mr. McMahon has nothing further to announce at this time.”

“A WWE spokesperson issued the attached statement to me & @Deadspin in response to my inquiry about tonight’s rumors of a soon to be announced XFL revival. They declined further comment. Whatever Vince McMahon’s “Alpha Entertainment” is, it’s self-funded & separate from WWE,” tweeted Deadspin reporter David Bixenspan.

“Worth noting that the Alpha Entertainment statement came in response to me asking WWE to “confirm or deny” the XFL relaunch rumor,” added Bixenspan.

Linda McMahon who oversaw the WWE empire with her husband, donated $7 million to pro-Trump super PACs.

Ms. McMahon was later selected to run the Small Business Administration.

If McMahon goes through with relaunching a football league, he would be doing so as NFL ticket prices continue to slide.

If you wanted to check out the Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills game at New Era Field last Sunday, $2 would do the trick. Yes, you read that correctly. Just two measly dollars.

Week 15 ticket prices were painfully low for Thursday’s Broncos-Colts match up.

“Thursday night Broncos-Colts game are available for $5. No snow expected,” tweeted Siciliano Uno.

The Gateway Pundit covered the sea of empty seats at the Broncos-Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Entrepreneur Eddie Gill tweeted a photo during kickoff and plenty of navy blue seats can be seen.

Kickoff footage shows empty seats in the front row of the Broncos’ end zone.

Half way through the first quarter and Lucas Oil Stadium was still having major attendance issues.

“Meanwhile, Fox Sports was forced to advertise to find “fans” — or even actors — to fill seats for its pre-game broadcast for the L.A. Rams game, something that is ordinarily easy to do,” reported Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart News.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the casting call asked actors to “Come out, bring your spirit, your best NFL gear & join us for NFL on Fox this Sunday!”

Not only are tickets going for cheap at some games, but last Thursday’s television ratings show yet another decline, says The Hollywood Reporter. The overnight score shows a 14 percent drop compared to last season.

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