REPORT: President Trump’s “Extreme Vetting” Is Having a Huge Impact On Refugee Admissions

Under the Trump administration, the U.S. refugee program has been drastically changed.

As reported by The Daily Caller, a sharp decline in both the number of people admitted into the country and the share of Muslims in refugee population were seen after a lower admissions cap and tighter vetting procedures were introduced. 

In late October, refugee admissions were restarted after the end of a 120-day suspension that was part of Trump’s revised travel ban. In the five weeks since the suspension ended, the U.S. admitted 40% fewer people than it did in the final five weeks the ban was in effect. 

As The Daily Caller’s Will Racke succinctly surmises:

The figures show how the administration’s new vetting procedures have slowed refugee admissions to a relative trickle compared to the situation under former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Trump’s “extreme vetting” sees U.S. immigration officials collecting more biographical data, and running applicants through law enforcement and intelligence databases. Officials also comb through applicants’ social media posts to look for differences between what they have said publicly and what they reveal during their personal interviews.

The new process also includes a 90-day review period for 11 countries – Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. During this period, which began on October 25, refugee admissions from those countries are allowed only on a case-by-case basis only, a slowdown that has contributed to the decline in admissions.

Racke also points out:

State Department officials have attributed the reduction in refugee admissions to tougher vetting and a lower refugee cap, which the Trump administration set at 45,000 for fiscal year 2018.

Refugee numbers at an all-time low and the ones that are getting in are proven to love the country and want to do nothing more than better themselves.

Thank you, President Trump – and God bless you – for all the hard work and dedication you’ve displayed in just one year! 


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