REPORT: James O’Keefe Recruiting Student “Army” For New College Campus Spy Program

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe received a rockstar welcome as he took the stage at Turning Point USA‘s Student Action Summit (SAS) in West Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday. According to the New Yorker‘s Jane Mayer, O’Keefe was busy recruiting students for a new college campus spy program. 

“[J]ames Okeefe at conservative student convention is recruiting kids to go undercover, says starting secret college campus spy program. Lara Trump there too,” tweeted Mayer.

Elena Caban summed up O’Keefe’s speech for Turning Point USA’s new outfit:


According to O’Keefe, the mainstream media is in the business of “[falsifying]” truth. They “manufacture consent,” and have a distinct political bias. Humorously, O’Keefe used a number of beloved leftist terms – “industrial,” “system,” and “construction” – to describe his opponents. […]

To combat this “industrial system of construction,” O’Keefe and Project Veritas often go undercover. He showed the students some examples of this work. […]

O’Keefe told the students that, not long ago, he was one of them. As a student, he was “inundated with professors screaming at [him] about how great Stalin was.” He had no choice but to fight back. […]

Nevertheless, O’Keefe urged students to be brave, and take action. If everyone “showed up at school” with a hidden camera, would they “all” be expelled? Indeed, an “army” is needed in order to take down those “powerful” people and organizations who seek to “falsify” truth.

Mediaite‘s Caleb Ecarma bitterly reported O’Keefe received a standing ovation from attendees during his speech.

“James O’Keefe gets a standing ovation from TPUSA activists. “Thank you for your service!” One audience member shouts — unironically,” tweeted Ecarma.

“I love watching you on the Alex Jones show,” said another audience member.

Following his speech, O’Keefe was flooded with photo requests.

“after his speech a crowd of 75+ young conservatives surrounded O’Keefe to take photos with him and ask to join Project Veritas,” added Ecarma.

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