Report: Iranian Protesters Are Marching Towards Supreme Leader Khamenei’s Residence

Protests against the brutal and corrupt Khamenei regime in Iran continued on Sunday.

On Sunday several media outlets reported that the democracy protesters were marching toward the Supreme Leader’s home on Pasteur Street in Tehran.

Saleh Hamid posted this on Facebook Sunday night:

“At 19:50, the people of Tehran have invaded the Pasteur; the military commanders are terrified / severe emphasis on military commanders to prevent the invasion of the people”

More from Al Arabiya:

According to Shahrvand-Yar, a non-profit institution that advocates for democracy and change in Iran, said on its channel on Telgram app that the crowds of protesters began marching toward’s the house at exactly 19:50 Tehran time.

Iranian activist Banafsheh Zand posted on the developments.

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