Rep Gaetz Unleashes on “Egomaniac” James Comey and Biased Mueller Witch Hunt (VIDEO)

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) unleashed on “egomaniac” James Comey Tuesday evening during his appearance on Fox News while discussing the subpoenas being issued to top FBI brass for anti-Trump text messages.

“We need to assure we have an FBI going forward that is transparent. That is subject to sufficient oversight and redundancies to ensure we know what’s going on. We never again want to be in a situation where you get an egomaniac like FBI Director James Comey who can totally depart from standard procedures in one investigation then can create an environment where a pro-Hillary bias can exist and then right on that back of it the very people executing on the pro-Hillary bias end up working on the investigation persecuting President Trump with this very anti-Trump bias which is totally indefensible.”

“It’s one of the reasons why the American people agree with us. Harvard University just released a poll showing that 54% of Americans agree that the Mueller probe is biased and these people were acting on plans to discredit the duly elected President of the United States. That’s what we have to stop, ” Gaetz said.



James Comey is an egomaniac. He often sends cryptic tweets taunting President Trump acting holier-than-thou quoting scripture.

The Mueller witch hunt is completely biased. Mueller’s entire team of liberal hack lawyers are Obama/Hillary donors.

Top FBI brass were sending each other text messages disparaging Trump and praising Hillary. Comey utterly destroyed the FBI’s reputation because of his out of control ego.

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