Rep. DeSantis RIPS Rotten Rosenstein After He Smugly Refuses to Answer Whether FBI Paid For Garbage Dossier (VIDEO)

Deputy AG Rosenstein admitted to Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) whether he knew if the FBI paid for the garbage dossier, yet he smugly refused to answer the question.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

First, Ron DeSantis asked Rosenstein, “The Russia investigation. Who started it? Who was the agent? Was it Strzok who started it? Who opened the case?”


Rosenstein fidgeted as he said, “That matter is under review by the Intelligence Committee and there is nothing that I can talk about publicly regarding the initiation of the investigation.”

Then DeSantis point blank asked rotten Rosenstein if the FBI paid for Hillary’s garbage dossier.

“I’m not in position to answer that question,” Rosenstein answered.

“Do you know the answer to the question?” DeSantis asked.

“I believe I know the answer but uh the Intelligence Committee is the appropriate committee-” Rosenstein smugly said.

Rep. DeSantis interrupted Rosenstein and ripped into him.

“That’s not true! We have oversight over your department and the FBI and whether public funds were spent on a dossier-that’s not something that is classified! We have every right to that information. You should provide it,” DeSantis said.

Rosenstein continued to obfuscate as DeSantis grilled him over the conflicts of interest and corruption in the FBI and DOJ.

Where the hell is AG Sessions?? Shut this witch hunt down and go after all of the criminals in the FBI and DOJ who were in on this conspiracy to take down a duly elected President.

VIDEO via Media Buzz:

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