PROTESTS SPREAD ACROSS IRAN: Regime Mobilizes Police, Anti-Riot Forces Beat Protesters, “Death to Dictator!” Chanting Continues

Protests across Iran against the brutal and corrupt regime continued on Saturday.

Protests were planned in several cities on Saturday.

On Saturday the regime mobilized the police and sent out anti-riot forces to crush the protests.

This needs no explanation.
The regime is out in force.


President Trump warned the regime late Friday night – “The World is Watching.”

The students are chanting “Death to the dictator!” at Tehran University.

In the streets of Tehran protesters are chanting “Death to the dictator!”

More students chanting death to the dictator.

Protesters in Rasht are chanting against the Basij regime special forces.

Students at the University of Tehran are calling on Khamenei to step down.

Obama lackeys were wrong again.


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