Protesters Crash DNC ‘Unity’ Meeting, Shout ‘This Process Is Tainted!’ (VIDEO)

On Friday, protesters crashed the Democratic National Committee’s ‘Unity Reform’ meeting, calling the voting process ‘tainted.’

Washington Free Beacon reports:

The unity reform commission was meeting in Washington, D.C. to finalize its formal list of recommended reforms for the Democratic Party following the 2016 election, including taking dramatic cuts to the individual voting power of superdelegates, ABC News reported.

As members of the commission prepared to vote on each individual recommendation, two men silently held protest signs.

When a security guard tried to take the signs out of their hands, one of the men stepped forward with his sign reading “Democratic Party or Undemocratic Party?” […]

Before sitting down, a second man holding the same sign offered some of his recommendations he wished the DNC would adopt. Among his recommendations was that the Democratic party do more to prevent favoritism.

“Another of my suggestions was that we need to do everything we can to prevent DNC favoritism,” the protester said.

“Excuse me, this is a public meeting, this process is tainted, you know that,” the first protestor said.

“The public was largely excluded by not being invited, by not being told–when we signed up we were never told the time or the room for this meeting, you know this is a tainted meeting,” the man added.

“When a few people figure out how to participate by just sitting here, you want to take a sign away.”

“I think that’s a mistake. It underscores the problem with how the DNC has not learned the lessons from the past,” the man warned.

With a lack of congressional leadership and a fundraising operation losing millions, is it any wonder the DNC is in shambles?


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