POTUS Trump Provides Holiday Feast For Hundreds of Law Enforcement and Military Working on Christmas – Evil Liberals Complain

President Trump personally paid for a beautiful holiday feast to feed hundreds of law enforcement and military members working on Christmas.

Leave it to evil liberals to complain about our President’s generosity.

Surprisingly, CNN’s Noah Gray reported Trump was spending Christmas day with family at Mar-a-Lago while providing a feast for military and law enforcement.

Hundreds of meals being served for Secret Service, WH Military Office, & Palm Beach Sheriff working the trip.


The meals are being paid for privately by the Trump’s.

Full Christmas spread.

President Trump also donates his presidential salary to various charities and organizations which also makes the liberals lose their minds. Nothing will ever please the evil leftists.

POTUS Trump was also attacked by evil liberals after he donated to hurricane victims.

Leave it to evil liberals to complain during Christmas about President Trump’s generosity.

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