Peter Strzok’s Wife and Government Attorney Wipes Her Facebook Page of All Evidence of Hillary Cheerleading

Special Counsel investigator Peter Strzok was fired earlier this year from the Trump-Russia collusion investigation for his pro-Hillary Clinton text messages to his mistress who also worked in the government. Dirty Cop Robert Mueller leaked this information to the liberal media this past week after refusing to submit the information to Congress.

Now this…

Peter Strzok’s wife is also a Hillary supporter.

Her Facebook page was full of Hillary-Obama fan pages.

But she scrubbed her Facebook page this weekend.
Now there is nothing to see.

Peter Strzok’s wife wiped her Facebook page clean.

Via The Donald Reddit:

This is the archive when her attempted “secretive” Facebook page was discovered, look at the likes: (Dec 3 2017)

this is the Facebook page as archived today: (Dec 5 2017)

ALL mentions of support for Democrats, Hillary and Obama have been scrubbed.

Meliisa Hodgman lives at the same address as Peter Strzok and is believe to be his partner/wife. She is ALSO Associate Director in SEC Enforcement Division



… “WEEKS” Before the Comey announcement, Peter Strzok’s wife got a major promotion by President Obama – when FBI leaders likely knew the case her husband Peter Strzok was overseeing was about to be reopened and could implicate Hillary Clinton.

Melissa Hodgmans salary:

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