‘One of the Greatest in the History of the World’: Lewandowski Book Reveals Epic Trump Takedown of Manafort

Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie’s new book “Let Trump Be Trump,” offers readers ‘inside baseball’ details about Trump’s presidential campaign. The book is jam packed with juicy bits, ranging from the President’s love of McDonald’s to his obsession with Elton John’s music. 

One of the most explosive parts of the book is brought to you by none other than the man himself: Donald J. Trump. According to Lewandowski and Bossie, Trump melted Manafort’s face off after the top aide suggested the candidate avoid television appearances.

As political operative Roger Stone has stated countless times, “Trump is his own man.”

Washington Post reports:

In a section of the book written by Lewandowski, Trump is described as flying on his helicopter when he learns that Manafort has said “Trump shouldn’t be on television anymore, that he shouldn’t be on the Sunday shows” and that Manafort should appear instead. Trump was angrier than Lewandowski had ever seen him, ordering the pilot to lower the altitude so he could make a cellphone call. “Did you say I shouldn’t be on TV on Sunday? I’ll go on TV anytime I g–dam f—ing want and you won’t say another f—ing word about me!” Trump yelled at Manafort, according to Lewandowski. “Tone it down? I wanna turn it up! . . . You’re a political pro? Let me tell you something. I’m a pro at life. I’ve been around a time or two. I know guys like you, with your hair and skin . . .” Lewandowski called it “one of the greatest takedowns in the history of the world.”

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Paul Manafort, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were influential in the decision of getting rid of Lewandowski.

According to Fox News, “Paul Manafort, the veteran operative who since March has been amassing influence inside Trump HQ, recently telegraphed through third parties he would be gone in 48 hours if Trump didn’t oust Lewandowski, who’d run his campaign from the outset.”

Manafort grew tired of Lewandowski and eventually asked Donald Trump Jr. to fire him.


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