Obama Defense Secretary Doesn’t Believe Trump Team Broke Law With Russian Contacts (VIDEO)

Michael Flynn, former National Security Adviser to President Trump, pleaded guilty Friday to making false statements to the FBI about contacting Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition. Flynn’s decision to make false statements to the FBI is leaving many wondering, if the phone calls were sanctioned by the Obama administration and cleared of wrongdoing by Comey’s FBI, why didn’t the former military man just tell the truth?

Nonetheless, former Obama Department of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, isn’t buying that the Trump team broke the law by contacting Russian officials.

NTK Network reports:


Leon Panetta, President Obama’s former Secretary of Defense, told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Friday that it was a “stretch” to say the Trump transition team broke the law with their contacts with the Russians.

“We have one administration at a time,” Panetta said, warning that the Trump transition team undermined long-standing political norms in the United States by engaging in diplomacy while the Obama administration was still in office.

However, the former defense secretary doubted that dealings with the Russians rose to the level of criminal violations.

“[Their contact with Russia] was very unusual. Whether it breaks the law or not, I think that’s probably a stretch,” Panetta predicted.

As The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported earlier, the Trump administration followed the procedures of previous incoming administration by developing back channels.

In 2008 Barack Obama campaign reportedly spoke with the Hamas terrorist group.

In 2008, Robert Malley stepped down as an informal foreign policy adviser to Obama’s campaign when it was revealed that he met with Hamas members.

Captured FARC terrorist computers revealed that the Colombian terrorists were meeting with Obama representatives before the 2008 election.

In 2008 FARC terrorist Raul Reyes had information that FARC was meeting “gringos” about Obama.

Obama campaign sent former Amb. William Miller to Iran in 2008 to set up secret “back-channel.”

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