OANN Calls It For The Judge Before Polls Close: ‘Roy Moore Sweeps Alabama Election To Win Senate Seat’

One America News Network called the Alabama Senate race for Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore. Citing “unofficial polling,” the news network projected Moore swept the race “by a large margin.”

OANN reports:

The president of OANN Robert Herringne would like to congratulate Moore on the fine campaign he and his wife have run.

Speaking with campaign representatives, we’re being told there are strong signs the majority of voters have come out in support of the judge.

Reports show at least 64% of voters are fiercely opposed to many of Doug Jones’ key platform issues.

Campaign officials say the latest results show Moore up by at least eight points over his opponent.

OAN would also like to congratulate the people of Alabama. We provided you with the facts and you stood your ground and refused to let outsiders steal your election.

As The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft reported, Democrats and Republican elites threw every piece of trash they could find at Judge Roy Moore. Today Roy Moore rode horseback with his wife Kayla to the polling station.



Moore told voters: It’s me or the “media lynch mob.”

We will be updating election results throughout the night.

Democrats are excited that black turnout is at 30%.

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