AFTER NYC ISIS TERROR ATTACK=> LIBERAL MEDIA POUNCES on Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Trump Accusers from 2016! (VIDEO)

This is your liberal media in action.

A bomb went off Monday morning at the Port Authority terminal in New York City on Monday morning.

Suspect has reportedly been in the US for seven years and is reportedly from Bangladesh—

He said he committed the attack

The bomber has been in the country for seven years — since the Barack Obama presidency.

The ISIS bomber failed in his mission to slaughter hundreds of New Yorkers.

Fast forward to today’s White House press briefing–

Rather than ask questions on the NEW YORK CITY MONDAY MORNING TERROR ATTACK the Fake News Media peppered Sarah Huckabee Sanders with questions on Trump accusers from 2016!

After an ISIS attack in New York City Liberal hacks pepper White House Spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders about year-old accusations against President Trump.
Several of the women who relaunched their allegations on Monday. …. The ISIS Attack was ignored by all but a couple reporters and their questions were twisted into an attack on Donald Trump

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