Nice Editorial Standards, CNN=> Don Jr. Reveals #FakeNews CNN Didn’t Contact Him For Comment Before Publishing FALSE Wikileaks ‘Bombshell’ Story

Very Fake News CNN has very low editorial standards when publishing “exclusive” bombshell stories.

It turns out CNN didn’t even contact Donald Trump Jr for a comment or explanation before they published that botched bombshell story last week. An organization as big as CNN should have contacted Donald Trump Jr. or his legal team for a comment as standard practice, especially with an exclusive bombshell story.

Instead, very fake news CNN just published a false story to keep ‘Trump-Russia’ in the headlines.


Don Jr. blasted CNN after David Frum ridiculously claimed people trust the media because they make mistakes.

Don Jr. tweeted, “If they were really trying to get to the truth you would think they would reach out to the other side before running with it. They all have my number… they couldn’t care less about the truth.”

Don Jr. continued to blast fake news.

Don Jr. responded to The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross who tweeted a list of questions CNN won’t answer about their bombshell Wikileaks story. Don Jr said, “How about why was I (or my legal team) not contacted to comment or to offer an explanation? Was the chance to make the narrative they have claimed for 18 month so great that the truth was no longer relevant?”

As previously reported, both CNN and CBS fell for inaccurate reports alleging a WikiLeaks email was sent to Donald Trump Jr. with an encryption key to access future leaks.

WikiLeaks had actually tweeted a link to the information days before the email reached Trump Jr. inbox. The fake news media claimed this was stone cold proof of collusion, as WikiLeaks has long been smeared as a Kremlin puppet. Disaster!

What happens when you are fake news CNN and you don’t even follow standard journalistic practices? You end up on Drudge with a bright red headline blasting your pathetic organization. We have lost count how many times CNN has had to retract or correct a huge story on ‘Trump-Russia’. With all of their resources, it’s becoming increasingly obvious they are doing this on purpose.

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