NFL HELL: Multiple Stadiums Plagued By Empty Seats Woes In Week 14 (PHOTOS)

NFL stadium attendance continues to suffer as the backlash from players protesting the National Anthem extends into week 14. Fans from across the league are sharing photos of empty seats at kickoff and well into the first quarter this Sunday.

Prompted by poor attendance, the teams like the Buffalo Bills are selling tickets at rock bottom prices.

Photo credit: CBS Sports


Tickets to the Colts-Bills game are selling for four dollars.

Not only are tickets going for cheap at some games, but this Thursday’s television ratings show yet another decline, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Thursday NFL showings this season, but again down from 2016. The overnight score represents a 14 percent spill from the comparable game last season. Still, in a NFL season beset by more ratings dips, particularly in primetime, NBC’s run of Thursday games has held up comparatively well.

Now for the empty seats…

Green Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

FirstEnergy Stadium is nearly empty just moments before kickoff.

Well into the first quarter and empty seats galore seen at the Browns game.

Empty seats highly visible in the second quarter.

Detroit Lions vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium

Raymond James Stadium hit with heavy attendance woes at kickoff.

Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium has plenty of empty seats at kickoff.

A sea of empty red seats are pictures below as the Raiders duke it out against the Chiefs in the first quarter.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium

Many bright blue seats visible at Bank of America Stadium right before kick off.

Attendance at the Vikings vs. Panthers game didn’t improve much as the first quarter got underway.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Houston Texans at NRG Stadium

It’s kickoff time at NRG Stadium and there were empty seats a plenty…

Well into the first quarter and tons of empty seats can be seen at NRG Stadium.

Big attendance issues in the second quarter in Houston.

Chicago Bears vs. Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium

Paul Brown Stadium was nearly empty as kickoff time drew closer. Things didn’t get any better attendance-wise after kickoff.

Empty seats galore at Paul Brown Stadium after kickoff.

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants at MetLife Stadium

Giants quarterback Eli Manning receives a standing ovation as he snaps the ball. Many empty seats can be seen in the footage below.

Third quarter and empty seats are everywhere!



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