New Season of “Homeland” Portrays Alex Jones Character ‘Brett O’Keefe’ Attempting Presidential Assassination

The new season of Showtime’s “Homeland” features an Alex Jones-like character named “Brett O’Keefe” in an attempted assassination of the president.

The last name of “O’Keefe” surely was not by accident.

This is your liberal media at work.
They want to you to HATE conservatives and believe conservatives are crazy and violent.

Meanwhile, far left Antifa terrorists and commie thugs are using violence to shut down conservative voices in America.


Entertainment reported:

“The country is in freefall, tearing itself apart!” warns Carrie Mathison.

Yeah, so we’ve heard.

Former CIA agent Mathison (Claire Danes) is back in the first trailer for Showtime’s Homeland season 7, which depicts the show’s heroes and villains alike struggling against an overreaching and civil rights-abusing president.

The upcoming season of the espionage thriller has a rogue Mathison trying to take down criminals in the government under the tyrannical administration of President Keene (Elizabeth Marvel), who has arrested 200 members of the intelligence community after barely surviving an assassination plot in the season 6 finale.

Also targeting Keene: The show’s Alex Jones-like conspiracy character Brett O’Keefe (Jake Weber) who was first introduced last season. “The founding fathers foresaw the dark day when we would face a president like her,” warns O’Keefe as he aims a pistol at a poster of the president’s face. “Anyone who takes a stand for what they believe, people are gonna say they’re crazy. They’ve been calling me that for years.”

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