‘Never Heard of Such Case Unless the Victim is Dead’: Why Did Obama DOJ Ignore FBI Informant In Uranium-One Scandal?

As The Gateway Pundit reported, William D. Campbell has come forward as the secret FBI informant in the Uranium-One deal. The informant revealed he is eager to testify because of his “concerns about Russia’s activities in the United States, but declined to comment further,” reports Reuters. 

“I have worked with the Justice Department undercover for several years, and documentation relating to Uranium One and political influence does exist, and I have it,” Campbell told Reuters.

Campbell, who was sanctioned to bribe Russian officials on behalf of the U.S. government, has explosive evidence of wrong doing in relation to the Uranium-One deal. The former FBI informant even attempted to sue for the ability to recover “upwards of $700,000 in bribes.”


Not only were bribes involved in the deal, but “on-the-record quid pro quo,” involving former President Bill Clinton.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Victoria Toensing, the lawyer representing the FBI informant says there is “on-the-record quid pro quo” surrounding the Uranium One scandal with Bill Clinton receiving a $500,000 speaking fee from a Russian backed bank and the Clinton Foundation receiving millions of dollars from people involved on the deal.

Despite Campbell’s intimate knowledge of the case, the Obama Justice Department never bothered to call on the FBI informant when it came time to charging former Russian uranium industry executive Vadim Mikerinn.

The Hill‘s John Solomon reports:

While he was Maryland’s chief federal prosecutor, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s office failed to interview the undercover informant in the FBI’s Russian nuclear bribery case before it filed criminal charges in the case in 2014, officials told The Hill.

And the prosecutors did not let a grand jury hear from the paid informant before it handed up an indictment portraying him as a “victim” of the Russian corruption scheme or fully review his extensive trove of documents until months later, the officials confirmed.

The decisions backfired after prosecutors conducted more extensive debriefings of William Campbell in 2015, learning much more about the extent of his undercover activities and the transactions he engaged in while under the FBI’s direction, the officials said.

The debriefings forced prosecutors to recast their entire criminal case against former Russian uranium industry executive Vadim Mikerinn — removing the informant as a star witness and main victim for the prosecution, the officials added.

“I’ve never heard of such a case unless the victim is dead. I’ve never heard of prosecutors making a major case and not talking to the victim before you made it, especially when he was available to them through the FBI,” Alan Dershowitz said.

“It is negligence, and I’m sure there will be internal issues with the Justice Department and U.S. attorney for making such an obvious mistake,” Dershowitz added.

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