Missouri Senate Candidate in Alabama Supporting Roy Moore: ‘He Has a Cavalry Coming’

Courtland Sykes, the America First candidate challenging Mitch McConnell’s primary pick in Missouri, is currently in Alabama in support of Judge Roy Moore. He told Gateway Pundit that he is there because he wanted Moore to know that he has “a cavalry coming in 2018.”

“I know he’s innocent. I mean, we look at these allegations and the stories are disintegrating every day,” Sykes said of Moore. “The more they disintegrate, the more the media just pushes this narrative that they know is not true. When you see a guy in the fight — maybe it’s a Navy or military thing — you see that he’s worked hard and done right his whole life and none of this has ever come up in 40 years. He’s in a fight and nobody on the right or the left are questioning these ridiculous allegations and I felt he needed support.”

The candidate explained that “when Moore wins this election tonight and he goes to the Senate he is not going to have a lot of allies — at least that is how I would feel. I want him to know that he has support out there and he is not in this alone.”


Sykes also noted his disgust with the fact that Moore has wanted to do media, but is blocked by the hostile press who then falsely claims that he is refusing interviews.

“If this was an honest election it would be Moore in a landslide — it wouldn’t even be close,” Sykes said. “It’s disgusting.”

He noted that the dirty tactics are why the Alabama race is important to his own race in Missouri, and why he wanted to be there to stand against them in support of Moore.

“Mitch McConnell, George Soros and all of these characters are going to do the exact same thing in all the other states in 2018. They’re going to do it against me,” Sykes said. “They’re already starting. They don’t want to acknowledge that I served at a US Embassy in a diplomatic capacity. They don’t want to say that I served in Iraq with SEAL Team 5 — they just say that I am a Navy veteran who is a former Congressional staffer, making me sound like I am just some intern. This is a credibility attack to push America First candidates out early. The character attacks will come later.”


As far as his own run for office, the Navy SEAL Team 5 veteran told Gateway Pundit that he supports the president’s agenda as well as the Freedom Caucus.

“The reason that is, I see that what the president has done and his actions are more compatible with the Freedom Caucus than any other camp in Congress,” Sykes told Gateway Pundit. “I certainly supported the Freedom Caucus for years and I want to support the president’s agenda. That is what we are not seeing a whole lot of in Washington.”

When asked about Trump’s plan for a border wall, Sykes expressed complete support.

“In Mexico last year, there were 23,000 deaths due to armed conflict — compared to 17,000 in Iraq and 16,000 in Afghanistan,” Sykes explained. “Nobody is talking about this war, and that is what it is, a war that is raging in Mexico. Only a dolt would want an open border at this point. You can’t ignore 23,000 deaths annually and pretend there is nothing wrong. I absolutely support the president’s agenda on the wall.”

Sykes also supports a full 36 month halt on immigration until our leaders can come up with a responsible immigration policy. “We just don’t have that right now,” he said.

“We have to figure out what is going on here,” Sykes said. He added that his idea for a pause in immigration would not affect student visas.

Sykes is also a NRA life-member who says that he will be the most pro-gun and anti-regulation Senator in US history.

“We need all the support we can get. It’s going to be an army of grassroots. We are going after Mitch McConnell and we are going after George Soros. They are two pigs eating from the same trough, there is not a spit of difference between them at this point,” Sykes said.

More information on how to get involved with the Sykes campaign can be found on his website.

Editor correction: An earlier version of this story had a quote from Sykes regarding a billboard which he mistakenly thought was about Moore. The billboard represented the victims of a 1980’s church bombing.

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