Michael Savage Goes Nuclear on Kate Steinle Verdict: Arrest Nancy Pelosi, Send Troops Into ‘San Fran Psycho’ (AUDIO)

Radio talk show legend Michael Savage took to Periscope Thursday evening to blast the Kate Steinle verdict. The Bay Area-based host called for Nancy Pelosi’s arrest and ‘federal troops,’ to be sent into San Francisco by President Trump.

Shortly after the verdict was announced, Savaged tweeted a link to his news site michaelsavage.com, stating the following “ILLEGAL ALIEN DEPORTED 8 TIMES SHOOTS WOMAN IN COLD BLOOD FOUND NOT GUILTY IN LAWLESS SAN FRAN PSYCHO”


Dr. Savage, who Salon magazine credited as the “Godfather of Trumpa-mania,” broke down the Steinle verdict like only ‘Uncle Mike,’ could.

“I am unable to tell you the level of my disgust with Nancy Pelosi, with the whole illiberal criminal establishment. I think they should be arrested for what they’ve done. They killed this young woman.”

“Not only was this illegal alien piece of sh*t not found guilty for murder, but this illegal alien piece of sh*t, who has been deported five times, was not even found guilty of manslaughter.”

“So, let me ask all you good progressives a question,” Savage continued, “What if God forbid, a white man had shot a Mexican woman to death, and he was not found guilty on any charge?”

“I want to ask you what would have happened in the streets of this sick, disgusting, degenerate city that I live in?”

“The raw sewage of Nancy Pelosi filthy mouth, the raw sewage of this filthy city,” Savage shouted, “the raw sewage will be stopped!”

Savage then called on President Trump to send ‘federal troops,’ into San Francisco.

Borrowing a phrase often used by Black Lives Matter, Savage said “No justice, no peace,” until President Trump sends troops into San Francisco.

Where are all the “big-mouthed feminists?”, Savaged then asked.

“A girl was killed,” Savaged added.

“It was a gang-related murder. He was sent to kill that girl.”

“Build that wall, deport them all,” then chanted Savage.

Savage signed off with an ominous warning.

“If this keeps up there will be a civil war.”

“This is the last straw.”

On July 1, 2015, illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate opened fire on Pier 14 in the Embarcadero district of San Francisco, California, shooting 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle in the back.

Kate Steinle died in her father’s arms.

San Francisco’s Embarcadero district is represented by House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi. 

Zarate was found not guilty of homicide or manslaughter.

Dr. Savage’s brand new book “God, Faith, and Reason,” is currently number #11 on the New York Times best sellers list and available on Amazon and good book stores everywhere. 



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