Media War: CNN Promotes Real Violence Against Trump Supporters as Pres. Trump Retweets ‘Squashed CNN Bug’ Photoshop

The battle between CNN, President Trump and his supporters hit a new low on Christmas Eve as CNN promoted actual violence against supporters of President Trump while Trump retweeted a cartoonish photoshop of a squashed CNN logo bug on the sole of his shoe. Trump previously got grief (and cheers) for tweeting a cartoonish photoshop gif of him tackling a CNN-logo-headed man from a WWE show.

CNN posted a tweet with the caption, “Take a look back at the photos that shaped 2017” with a lead image of an older white male Trump supporter wearing a red Make America Great Again hat grimacing as he took a left hook to the face from a long-haired protester.

Screenshot of CNN tweet.

The original source of the photo is Los Angeles Times photographer Irfan Kahn who took the photo at a pro-Trump rally and march in Huntington Beach, California on March 25, 2017 that was attacked by Antifa.

The original photo can be viewed at the source link here at this tweet.

The CNN tweet links to a gallery of dozens of photos from 2017, yet the photo of the CNN lead with on Twitter is one showing the Liberal/Left’s favorite bogeyman, an older, patriotic white man supporter of President Trump, getting socked in the kisser.

The photoshop retweeted by President Trump on Sunday has to be enlarged for the detail of the squashed CNN logo bug to be made clear. Otherwise it just looks like a stain on the sole of an old shoe.

Cartoon-style photoshop video posted by Trump on July 2 of him body slamming CNN. CNN responded by threatening to dox the creator of the video.

CNN’s Jake Tapper was not amused by Trump’s latest cartoon jab at CNN, writing, “CNN-labeled blood on the sole of his shoe. Retweeted by the President of the United States on Christmas Eve.”

Tapper has been very busy on Twitter today. He even posted Christmas greetings from his dog’s Twitter account.

But no comment from Tapper on CNN promoting actual violence against Trump supporters.

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