Man Claiming to Be a Fox News Production Asst. Deletes Twitter Account, Scrubs LinkedIn Page After Calling Pres. Trump a ‘Piece of S***’

A man claiming to be a Fox News production assistant, Joseph De La Cruz, scrubbed his online presence after being called out on Wednesday for tweets using crude, profane language to attack President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania and conservatives. Before allegedly starting work at Fox in October, he interned for frothing leftists MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell and CNN’s Don Lemon according to his now scrubbed LinkIn profile. His alleged position at Fox was listed, “Production Assistant at Media Desk”.

The De La Cruz account wrote Tuesday morning responding to a tweet by Trump in which the President accused Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) of “begging” for campaign contributions and that she “would do anything for them”:

“”would do anything for them”. Like Melania? All jokes to the side dude, you are a low down, classes scum bag,
piece of shit.”

To someone cheering a tweet by Trump criticizing the media, the De La Cruz account wrote Wednesday morning:

“Yeah, they’re snowflakes. If only liberal tears could help correct a cuntservative brain.”

Screen grabs of the De La Cruz account’s tweets were made and posted by several people on Twitter including Jack Posobiec.

The De La Cruz Twitter profile, before it was deleted (but still in Google cache), read, “Production Assistant @FoxNews | Reporter | MMJ | Content Producer | Ambivert | Former @MSNBC, @CNN, & @NY1| Opinions Are My Own | Retweets 🚫 Endorsements” The location was listed as “Brooklyn, NY”, the same locale the saved tweets were geo-tagged.

The De La Cruz LinkedIn page was scrubbed, but not deleted. The De La Cruz summary reads, “Aspiring journalist and media personality for national media organization dedicated to informing general public and creating premium content. Capable, articulate, versatile individual, with ability to multitask and to work professionally with clients and colleagues of widely diverse ages and cultures. Recognized for being well organized, attentive, outgoing and inventive.”

The current version as of Wednesday night:

Wednesday morning the De La Cruz LinkedIn page looked like this (H/t TruthFeedNews):

Google cache shows tweets from last week on the De La Cruz account that pertain to news and politics with an anti-Trump bias, including one with the hashtag, #Resist, from December 5, “Just 7 more days befor the @FCC votes to repeal #netneutrality . Resist”

On December 4, the De La Cruz account chided fired MSNBC contributor Sam Seder for his tweet about Roman Polanski, “Wow. Just wow. Some people are just stupid. #SexualPredator; MSNBC to Cut Ties With Sam Seder After Roman Polanski Rape Joke (Exclusive)”

Yes, some people are just stupid.

Featured Image of “Joseph De La Cruz” via Google cache/Twitter.

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