MAJOR FAIL=> Comey Tries to Troll Trump in Cryptic Tweet – Gets Savaged After Attributing Quote to Wrong Author!

President Trump tweeted Friday evening that he was on his way to Pensacola, Florida for a rally. 

Shortly afterwards, crooked cop Comey took a swipe at President Trump in a cryptic tweet doing his best to sound like a philosophical savant, quoting Edmund Burke.

It turns out Comey attributed the quote to the wrong author and got savaged by Trump supporters.

President Trump tweeted a video of himself about to board Air Force One with a caption, “On my way to Pensacola, Florida. See everyone soon! 


Juvenile Comey responded with a cryptic tweet, “Applause is the spur of noble minds, the end and aim of weak ones.” – Edmund Burke (1730-1797)

Comey ended up stepping on a rake because the quotation was actually from Charles Caleb Colton, NOT Edmund Burke.

Here are some of the best tweets savaging Comey..

When is Comey going to learn you can’t stump the Trump?

H/T Twitchy Team

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