Lying Hacks at Far Left Politifact Make Russian Collusion Denial their “Lie of the Year”

Far left hacks at Politifact do not exactly have a stellar record for their annual “lie of the year.”

Left-leaning Politifact awarded Barack Obama with its annual “Lie of the Year” for telling Americans 36 times that they could keep their insurance once Obamacare was passed.
politifact 2013

That’s not exactly what they said back in 2008 when Barack Obama was running for president.
They agreed with Obama.
Politifact said the statement was true.
politifact 2008

This year Politifact outdid itself.


The far left group is calling denial of the Russian-Trump campaign collusion a liar.


That’s it.
The Clintons sold up to 20% of US uranium to Russia and Politifact won’t touch that.
Instead, the push the lie that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia.
What liars.

For the record… Politifact frequently attacks The Gateway Pundit… Even when they admit that we are correct.

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