Lucian Wintrich=> Justice & Victory Prevailed: Today Marks A Major Win In The War For Free Speech On College Campuses

Justice prevailed. After my speech was shut down by radicals, Catherine Gregory attempted to steal the only hardcopy of my speech. In an ironic twist of fate, I was briefly arrested while recovering it. Today, Gregory was arrested and charged and all charges against me were dismissed by the state.

America is founded on the ideals of free speech and free thought. It is inexcusable that members of a major political party – who believe in equality, limited government, and personal freedom – are stifled when invited to deliver their views to students.

Today was a victory for our constitutional rights and an open dialogue on the college campuses of America.


Sure, the neo-cons and Ben Shapiros of the world may not understand the importance of pushing back against leftist tyranny, but we will fight for them as we will fight for everyone.

It is important to realize that while this was a victory in battle, the war on free speech across college campuses is still raging on. We intend to keep fighting, using this most recent incident to work towards correcting the broader, systematic, problem with the mass liberal indoctrination of students.

As our president has proven, when we push forward with our message and ideas we win!

God bless and Merry Christmas!

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