Lou Dobbs GOES NUCLEAR on Deep State DOJ and FBI Corruption “People Have to go to Jail!” (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Lou Dobbs went off on the “rancid” Deep State DOJ and FBI corruption Thursday evening.

Dobbs says the corruption is so bad that it has to be “rooted out” and “people have to go to jail”. Amen!

“We have a Justice Department that is just rancid and an FBI that is riddled with corruption,” Dobbs said.

“This is not something that is going to go away; this has to be rooted out. People have to go to jail and I think we have seen a number of them appear before Congress. This is disgusting!” Dobbs continued.

Breitbart’s Charlie Hurt agreed with Lou Dobbs, saying this is the most sinister and corrupt Deep State that anyone could ever imagine.

“If very high level people don’t go to prison for this then there is absolutely no justice,” Charlie said.

“The president has a way forward here that I believe leads to truth and I believe that may lead to justice. He should order his Attorney General to turn over every damn document that the Judiciary Committee has asked for and give it to oversight Committee…” Dobbs said.

Lou Dobbs is absolutely correct. People have to go to jail in order to completely root out this corruption.


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