Lou Dobbs on Compromised AG Jeff Sessions: Deep State Must Have Enormous File on Him (Video)

FOX Business Network host Lou Dobbs joined the chorus of pundits who suspect Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been compromised by the Deep State.

Former Senator Jeff Sessions has been compromised since his swearing in in as Attorney General.
He immediately recused himself from the Russia-Collusion witch hunt that was set up by Deep State operatives to cover their criminal actions on Uranium One and the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Now instead of justice being served the country is being hijacked by un-elected deep state criminals.

At The Gateway Pundit reported in October: Who did Attorney General Jeff Sessions Get Caught Sleeping With?


Even President Trump has attacked the Attorney General for his dereliction of duty.

Tonight Lou Dobbs was the latest pundit to suggest Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been compromised.

Lou Dobbs: I have great respect for Jeff Sessions. He’s been an important voice in the US Senate. His disappearance makes me think either they have an enormous file on him in the deep state that is prohibiting him from serving the president he signed up to serve.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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