Leftists Eating Their Own Over “National Popular Vote”

The George Soros linked “National Popular Vote” organization is now targeting Oregon senate president Peter Courtney. Why? Because he’s only a mildly deranged leftist, instead of a complete communist. Senator Courtney has refused to bring up National Popular Vote (NPV) legislation in the Oregon senate. The California-based NVA, err, NPV (sorry, *typo*) is seeking to overturn the electoral college on a state-by-state level by instituting state based legislation that would allocate a state’s electoral votes to whichever Presidential candidate has (not earns) the most popular votes nationally, rather than to the candidate who gets the most votes in that particular state.

The NPR, err, NPV (sorry, another *typo*) has even launched a website and a series of video based ads taking aim at senator Peter Courtney. Strangely enough, the videos are set to “unlisted” on their YouTube channel, which means the videos are not searchable and they do not come up in their main channel’s playlist.

Senator Courtney is a democrat who has pretty much towed the line for all the usual leftist legislation; gun control, tax hikes, pandering to illegal aliens, allocating tax dollars to abortion, the failed state-based health program…


In fairness, they are also dinging Courtney on his covering public records that link him to shady money from a University and getting his family members cushy jobs with state pension plans.

What supporters of the PLA, err, NPV (dangit, there I go again with another *accidental typo*) in Oregon don’t seem to realize is that if this had been in place in 2004, all of the state’s electoral votes would have gone to George W. Bush. Furthermore, specifically as it relates to Oregon, the state would have actually contributed to Trump’s vote total, as Trump garnered 782,403 votes in the state. On top of that, with Oregon’s 7 electoral votes out of 538, Oregon has a percentage of 1.3% of the electoral college’s influence. If it were based on popular vote, Oregon’s total population of 4 million accounts for 1.26% of the overall population, which is less influence than the current popular vote. While Oregon’s vote total of 2,001,336 is 1.46% of the national vote total of 136,669,237, only half that 2 million to Hillary, so the liberals in Oregon would have only contributed .73% to Hillary, and would have actually helped Trump if the PCC, err, NPV (sorry, yet another *typo*), had it their way.

What the CCCP, err, NPV (what is it with all these *typos*?) fails to understand is how the game would be played if the rules were changed. Let’s compare it to a football game, not that anyone actually watches football anymore. The objective is to score the most points, not to accumulate the most yardage. Though the team who scores the most points usually has the most yards of offense, it’s certainly not uncommon to see a team win even though the losing team gained more yards. If the rules of the game were changed so that yards gained determined the winner, and points didn’t matter, then teams would play the game completely differently. The same would apply to a Presidential race. The campaigns would be run completely differently, with the most attention going to the biggest metropolitan areas. The candidates would spend most of their time in the New York area, LA, Texas Triangle, and Chicago.

Oregon would matter even less than it does now.

Interestingly enough, a 2013 article outlines how “national popular vote” would actually benefit the GOP. Another article talks about Utah Republicans are actually supporting it.

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