Leftists Blame Trump For Pornstar’s Suicide after Leftists Bully Her for Not Doing Flick with Gay Man

I understand if most readers of The Gateway Pundit and other “right wing” sites aren’t familiar with August Ames or the controversy surrounding her suicide. After all, porn stars and politics rarely mix. But this is a disturbing tale that shows the true colors of the The Gay Mafia, exposes leftist hypocrisy (nothing new there), and presents about about-face stance for what a woman can and can’t do with her own body.

Porn star August Ames was found dead last week of an apparent suicide by hanging herself. She had been bullied to death, literally, by the LGBT community and their supporters. Why? Because Ames didn’t want to, ahem, “work with” a gay male on a porn set.

Here was the tweet that she sent out, two days before she committed suicide.

She faced a relentless assault from bullies, calling her all sorts of names.


In essence, the left, including many in the porn industry, have legitimized rape. In their minds, female performers should be forced to work with males (and females, for that matter) whom they don’t want to work with. Should said female performer decline the work and outright refuse to do the scene, she is guilty of discrimination, homophobia, and violating the civil rights of her would-be counterpart.

The left have really painted themselves into a corner now. Apparently her body, her choice takes a backseat to rights of gay males in the porn industry.

There seems to be a lot of confusion over what exactly the testing protocols are in both straight porn and gay porn.


Enter Portland based weekly (very fake) newspaper, Willamette Week. Author Curtis Cook tries to pin the blame on Trump.

Excerpts from his article include:

But the porn world has changed a lot in the past few years. Nowadays, Pornhub is wormhole that always leads to a clip of someone fucking their stepsister.

I don’t know what caused it, but Trump’s America is full of people who want to fuck their siblings.

To summarize the whole story: August Ames released a series of tweets. In those tweets, she expressed her misguided disinterest in doing scenes with gay male performers, and so people called her a homophobe. Then there was a brief back-and-forth wherein Ames pointed out that she identified as a bisexual and that a woman has the right not to fuck someone for any reason, and the brave folks on Twitter countered her argument by continuing to call her a homophobe and suggesting that she kill herself.

Some see this as proof that the left has gone too far and that, for all their noble posturing, social justice warriors are guilty of the same hurtful tactics as their bigoted, conservative counterparts.

Others seem to think that bullying is OK just so long as the bully is from a marginalized community. But no matter what, I think we can all agree that the real lesson to be learned here is that Twitter was a mistake that’s caused far more harm than good.

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So, to summarize, apparently rape is ok as long as it’s someone from a “marginalized” group who wants to do the raping, a woman does not have a right to her own body, and it’s all Trump’s fault if someone doesn’t want to be raped and gets bullied by the LGBT and porn communities to the point where they kill themselves.