Lawyer For Commie College Advisor Who Stole Lucian Wintrich’s Property Claims He Was “Asking For Violence” For “Speaking” at UConn


The far left student activists were screaming throughout his talk.

They started chanting, “Go home Nazis!”
They screamed and called him a racist.

A Communist college advisor identified as Catherine “Katie” Gregory, who is listed as Associate Director of Career Services and Advising at Quinebaug Valley Community College stole his material and he chased her down to grab it and was arrested.

The communist’s Attorney, John Schoenhorn said his client didn’t steal from Lucian because she took the paper off of the podium rather from his hands. REALLY?

“She took a piece of paper off a podium or desk that was in front of Mr. Wintrich. She did not take anything from him,” the slimy lawyer said.

Lucian never gave Gregory permission to take anything so he went to retrieve his property.

Gregory’s lawyer argues that the communist college advisor didn’t have the ‘intention’ to steal anything.

The lawyer then turned the blame on Lucian and said his speech was intended to incite violence.

“I believe that it was the intention of Mr. Wintrich to cause violence, to cause people to react by spewing racist, hateful things,” Schoehorn said.

Our mere existence causes Commies to become violent. That says more about the left than anything else. They are incapable of peaceful political discourse; they always respond with violence.


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