Judicial Watch Investigator: McCabe Should Not Receive a Dime of His Pension if He Tried to Thwart Election of Trump (VIDEO)

As previously reported, Deep State FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is set to retire early next year after a barrage of attacks for his corruption.

McCabe’s retirement announcement comes on the heels of a major shake up at the FBI; Wray just removed Comey “confidant” and suspected leaker James Baker from his top post as general counsel.

McCabe is planning on retiring in March in order to be eligible for full benefits and pension, angering many including President Trump.

President Trump blasted Andrew McCabe for his overt corruption and accused him of racing the clock to retire with full benefits with only 90 days to go.

Not only did McCabe treat Hillary Clinton’s criminal email investigation with kid gloves, he was also a part of the discussion about the ‘insurance policy’ against a Trump victory with other anti-Trump FBI agents during the election.

Director of Investigations for Judicial Watch, Chris Farrell spoke about FBI corruption to Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett who was filling in for Lou Dobbs Tuesday evening.

Farrell says McCabe should not receive a dime of his pension if he attempted to overturn or thwart the election.

“This person or these persons plural [McCabe] should not collect a dime if they’ve been engaged in misconduct attempting to overturn or thwart the election of the president of the United States,” Farrell said.

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