Judge Roy Moore Fires ULTIMATE KILL SHOT at Gloria Allred and Media After Accuser Admits on National TV She’s a Liar

She’s a liar.

Gloria Allred went on “Good Morning America” today with her Roy Moore accuser to attack the Alabama judge one last time.

Unfortunately for Allred — Accuser Beverly Nelson admitted to the entire country that she was a liar and fudged the supposed Moore signature in her yearbook.



Roy Moore responded the the admitted liar with this epic tweet.

Boyfriend at the time says she lied.

Employees of the restaurant say she lied.

Customers of the restaurant say she lied.

Her step son says she lied.

Now she herself admits to lying.

Let’s count how many national outlets will ignore the fact that she admits to lying. https://twitter.com/FoxNews/status/939175587654131718 …


That about says it.

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