Jason Chaffetz: It’s Time for Sessions to Go – I Don’t Believe He’s Up for the Job – He Looks Like Some Prisoner (VIDEO)

Former US representative and FOX News contributor Jason Chaffetz on Monday once again called on failed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign.

Chaffetz joined Judge Jeanine Pirro and Attorney Gregg Jarrett on Hannity on Monday night.

Jason Chaffetz: Some people suggested there be a second special counsel. How’s that first one working out? I wouldn’t do a second one. I really do believe that it’s time for Attorney General Sessions to go. I don’t think he’s up for the job. Every time I see him he looks like he’s some prisoner. And the only reason we have a special counsel is because we have an Attorney General who can’t do his job.

We have been writing for several weeks now that Jeff Sessions is compromised.
He is NOT the same person he was when he was in the US Senate.
Jeff Sessions needs to step down for the good of the country.


Via Hannity:

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