James Woods Takes a Swipe at ‘8 Years of Obama’s Socialist Hell’ After Trump Tax Bill Prompts Corporations to Increase Capital Spending, Bonuses

The Senate approved Trump’s tax bill 51-48 in a midnight showdown.

Wednesday, the tax cuts created an avalanche of industry optimism and prosperity with companies announcing special bonuses and an increase in capital spending.

James Woods took a swipe at Obama’s failed socialist policies while boasting of Trump’s tax bill.

As TGP’s Joe Hoft reported, the Dow ended up again Monday at another all-time high for the 70th time this year – breaking the record for the most all-time highs in a calendar year set in 1995.

At the bell the Dow closed at its highest closing amount ever at 24,792. Since last year’s election the Dow is up over 35%!

President Trump’s stock market rally is historical! No President has seen more all time highs (70) in their first year in office than President Trump. No one has seen more all-time highs in a year ever.

Now this…companies responded positively to Trump’s tax cuts!

AT&T quickly responded to this historical tax cut and announced Wednesday it will be issuing over 200,000 U.S. employees a special $1,000 bonus and will also increase US capital spending by $1 billion.

Also, thanks to Republicans passing historic tax reform, Boeing has announced a new $300 million investment initiative.

There’s more… Fifth Third Bancorp announced it will “raise its minimum hourly wage for all employees to $15, and distribute one-time bonus of $1,000 to more than 13,500 employees.” 

More winning! Comcast announced it will invest a whopping $50 billion into infrastructure projects over the next five years due to the Republicans’ tax plan. The media giant will also give $1000 bonuses to more than 100,000 employees. 

Trump is crushing Obama. Obama wouldn’t even know how to run a lemonade stand and it shows now more than ever compared to Trump’s numbers.

James Woods tweeted, “The victims of eight years of socialist insanity emerge from the depths of #Obama hell into the light of prosperity, industry, and true hope…” with a link to a Fox News story on AT&T’s announcement it will increase capital spending and issue special bonuses on the heels of Trump’s tax cut.

BOOM! This is why we love James Woods!

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