House Settled Secret Lawsuit After Democrat Rep Meeks Fired Staffer For Reporting Sexual Assault Related to Donor

Another secret House settlement related to sexual assault allegations has emerged.

The House secretly settled a lawsuit after Democrat Rep. Gregory Meeks fired a staffer in retaliation to her reporting sexual assault by a campaign contributor.

Investigative reporter for the Daily Caller, Luke Rosiak tweeted Monday, “Tick Tock. Stay tuned for news of another secret House settlement, related to an allegation of sexual assault.”

Several hours later Rosiak published his investigative report on the Daily Caller.

Rosiak reported:

The Office of House Employment Counsel brokered a settlement in 2006 over allegations that Rep. Gregory Meeks fired a staffer in retaliation for reporting that she was sexually assaulted at a business tied to a campaign contributor, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.


Andrea Payne, then a congressional aide in Meeks’ Queens office, filed a complaint with the Office of Compliance, and Meeks fired her weeks later. He admitted that the cause of her termination did not have to do with the quality of Payne’s work.

“This is an action to recover for damages sustained by plaintiff when Representative Meeks violated her Constitutional rights by retaliating against her, and ultimately terminating her employment, because of her sexual assault lawsuit,” Payne’s attorneys wrote.

Andrea Payne claims she was sexually assaulted by the physical therapist working at Flowers Physical Therapy. Payne alleges the physical therapist tried to insert one of his fingers into her vagina even though according to her medical records her injuries were no where near her groin.

It is owned by Neville Flowers, whose wife Joan “is an important campaign supporter and fundraiser for Representative Meeks,” the suit says, The Daily Caller reported.

After Payne reported the sexual assault, Meeks and his staff began to retaliate against her such as refusing to reimburse her for expenses, verbally abusing her and requiring her to work overtime without pay.

Payne subsequently filed a complaint with the Congressional Office of Compliance, according to the report.

Payne was then fired in retaliation two weeks later:

Less than two weeks later, Meeks fired her, saying “I just don’t feel that this is working,” the lawsuit alleges. An employee testified that the New York office manager “admitted to her that Ms. Payne was fired because she sent the letter to the House Ethics Committee.”

To add insult to injury, Payne was also denied unemployment insurance by Meeks’ office. They claimed she had quit voluntarily.

The Office of Compliance’s “mediation period” brought no resolution, so Payne sued Meeks’ congressional office and Meeks personally for $7 million, Rosiak reported.

The exact payout is unknown at this time.

Here we have another dirty Democrat who abused a woman for the crime of reporting sexual assault. And the Democrats constantly claim to be ‘pro-woman’.

The real war on women is from the left. Always.

Every single lawmaker involved in sexual assault cases must be publicly named, shamed and forced to resign. They must also be forced to pay taxpayers back.

Unseal the deals!

Read Rosiak’s full report here.

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