Hillary Clinton Desperately Tries to Distract From Media Firestorm Over FBI Corruption, Dossier – Fails Miserably

Failed presidential candidate devil Hillary Clinton desperately tried to distract from the media firestorm over the corrupt FBI leaders linked to Hillary’s garbage dossier.

As previously reported, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified at a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on Thursday morning. He defended the FBI against Trump’s scorched earth tweets attacking the institution’s corrupt leadership and refused to answer many key questions.

Media was set ablaze after Christopher Wray refused to answer whether or not Trump-hating FBI agent Strzok used Hillary’s dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s camp.

Rep. Jim Jordan believes the FBI used the dossier to wiretap Trump. Jordan also said Strzok brought the request to the FISA court and the FBI Paid Fusion GPS.

This is a HUGE scandal and Hillary Clinton is in the middle of it and she knows damn well the walls are closing in! 

Hillary Clinton went on an unhinged tirade about the GOP spending bill as the media was hammering the corrupt FBI and Hillary’s dossier. At one point, Hillary Clinton told her followers to ‘imagine buying a Rolex watch’–as if people living paycheck to paycheck think about luxury watches.

Of course this didn’t work because Hillary got savaged by Trump supporters. LOCK HER UP!

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