High Profile Republicans Sponsor Bill To End Tax Payer-Funded Settlements For Rapey Dem Legislators

The now near-endless supply of tawdry and horrific sexual harassment and assault allegations that continue to saturate the professional landscape of the United States have found their stride deep within the Swamp. 

Many members of Congress are guilty of various levels of sexual misconduct. As a Reuters’ report noted in a Thursday piece tackling the recent slew of allegations against members of Congress, “prominent Republican senators . . . embraced a push to overhaul rules for addressing sexual harassment in the U.S. Congress, signing on to a bill that would protect victims and require lawmakers to pay for their own settlements.” The overhaul will be a major step in the right direction and will hopefully rectify a number of preexisting issues within Congress. Via The Hill:

High-profile Republican senators co-sponsoring the bill include John Cornyn, the Senate’s No. 2 Republican; Ted Cruz; Joni Ernst and Lisa Murkowski.

The legislation would require any member of Congress found liable for harassment to pay settlements themselves, rather than with taxpayer funds, as the current process allows.

“Congress is not above the laws, and secret settlements with taxpayer money to cover up harassment should no longer be tolerated,” Cruz said in a statement.

So far, sexual assault settlements have been paid with taxpayer dollars. This egregious abuse of citizen money coupled with the rise of the #MeToo movement means that a much greater change is on the horizon. Beyond just rules being changed, a number of resignations are sure to come, which will shake D.C. and will usher in a new age of morality, in lockstep with the more transparent political landscape launched by President Trump.

Currently, first-term Democratic Congressmen Ruben Kihuen of Nevada is facing allegations of sexual harassment and will not be seeking re-election as a direct result. Kihuen is one of many implicated in the flood of recent allegations. 

The manic flood of allegations isn’t just stopping at men, either. Andrea Ramsey, a female Democratic congressional candidate from Kansas, dropped out of her race following sexual harassment claims made by a male subordinate, according to a Los Angeles Times report. 

Ramsey appears to be the first prominent woman accused of wrongdoing in the “Me Too” era, which ignited after prominent Hollywood actresses accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and abuse.

The flood of resignations and scandals to come are thought to be numerous and far-reaching, implicating dozens of senior U.S. politicians.


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