OUTRAGEOUS: Head of UConn Security Brags About Not Protecting Wintrich On His Facebook Page!

The head of “security” for Lucian Wintrich’s recent speech at UConn posted on Facebook before and after the event discussing his disdain for Wintrich and promoted his own far-left political views.

In his first post about the event, the security guard commented:

“Got a last minute call asking for help on a security detail at UConn tonight. Turns out it’s for a speech by Lucian B Wintrich. Me? Protect him??? Should be interesting.”

Following the event, Loomis posted:

“To my CT friends, I was right. Things got interesting. Be sure to have the news on at 11, b/c my event is sure to be the lead story. My reflections will follow tomorrow.”

Like the erudite philosopher king he is, the security guard followed up the next day with a novella wherein he goes about praising radical black nationalist and notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan as well as former President Barack Obama in the same breath.

“I remember listening carefully to every word [of Farrakhan’s], conscious of some of his past divisive comments and beliefs, but not hearing any of that. Instead, he focused on the pathway to a life of purity, health, and success, and exhorted his audience to follow that path. President Obama’s words were so filled with wisdom, compassion, and yes, hope.”

He then went on to poke fun at Wintrich’s sexuality, writing:

“Lucian is every effeminate. That’s cool – I know gender is a spectrum. But I just wonder if he is one of those self-hating gay Republicans who is in the cost or in denial.”

His closing remarks are the most penetrating:

“It was really striking to see in person what a pointless, worthless, infantile position this person was taking, and it was gratifying to see the immensity of the opposition to it. But then I remembered how much support this nonsense has in some parts of the country, and I could only shake my head.”


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